6 ways to avoid risk of losing money in stock market

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We all know that many people invest in stock market and gets profits. People become millionaires by taking right choices in the stock market and there are also people who lost their money by taking wrong choices.

People who are getting profits in stock market are not getting profits that easily. They do a thorough market research and make certain plans like where to invest and how to invest. People also lose their money in stock market by making wrong plans and investing at inappropriate time.

We have brought you some of the best ways how to avoid losing money in stock market by some of the experts in stock market:

Don’t take decision based on stocks past performance:


A company’s stock will never be in the same way like in the past year. So never buy a stock by seeing its past year performance as market is not constant always.  So if you want to buy a stock of a company then analyze its future opportunities and risks.

Diversify your stocks:

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“Don’t keep all the eggs in a single basket” said by Warren Buffet. Never invest all your money in a single stock. If it gets profit then that is ok but in case if the share value of it drops then you will lose everything. So invest in different stocks, this way you will have low risk for losing your money.

Analyze before you trade:

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If you are new to the market and not having enough experience to trade then analyze the market thoroughly. In a day when trading starts, observe carefully how the trading is going on in the first half and then start trading in the second half of the day.

No partiality:

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Many people will not do a proper research before investing their money. People will invest either by seeing the brand image of the company or the industry they belong to. How good may the company be, but a company cannot control the changes in the market. So invest by a stock’s opportunities in future.

Patience and discipline:

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You should have lot of patience and good discipline in investment if you wish for good returns. Invest in right shares and be patient, if you invest in wrong shares you will definitely lose your money.


Keep an eye 24/7:

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We are not alone in this world, so if you want to keep your investment safe then know what’s happening around the world. Any incident at any corner of the world can affect your shares. So keep an eye on your portfolio all the time.

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