6 Simple ways to get relief from mild to moderate headache naturally


Now a day’s headache has become most common to many people. Usually people of all ages will suffer with headache. Some will get mild headache, one side headache and also moderate headache. Mostly we will get headache due to stress, work pressure, tensions and also with some genetic problems. We get headache even if we spend long hours before laptops and mobiles, and also if we don’t sleep properly.

Here are the 6 simple ways to get Relief from headache naturally

#Tip 1


Dip a piece of cloth in warm water and place this warm clothe on your forehead. This will help to increase blood circulation in your head. By using this tip we get immediate relief from mild headache.

#Tip 2


Use some mediation tips or yoga tips where you mind gets relief from stress and tensions. You can inhale and exhales your breath from both nozzles alternately this process will help your body to get relax. Go out for a walk and have some fresh air. This can process will help you to get relief from headache immediately

#Tip 3


Go to a saloon near you and have head massage or body massage this will increase blood circulation on your body. This will help your body to get relaxed and get relief from headache.

#Tip 4


Have a good sleep in a dark and cool room. Avoid light and noise place’s as much as possible. Because you are having chances of getting headache even if you don’t get proper sleep. Relax your body and have a deep sleep this can help you to get relief from headache.

#Tip 5


Have some snacks or a small meal because you will get headache even if there is a decrease of sugar levels in your body. And also drink some fresh fruit juice or a cup of mild cool water. This can also help you to get relief from headache.

#Tips 6


Do some simple neck and shoulder workouts like rotating your head in clock wise direction and anti-clock wise direction vice versa for couple of time. And also stretch your shoulders up and down vice versa .This simple process can also give immediate relief from headache.

Note: If you still suffering with headache, Then immediately consult a good physician …

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