5 ways to improve your eye vision


Are you facing vision problems?? Then we brought some of the best tips with which you can avoid wearing spectacles. With these tips you can not only avoid glasses but you can also improve your eye vision.

Wear sunglasses


Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV), the sun glasses will cover your sensitive eyes from sun and dust. When you drive your bike wear sunglasses for safety of your eyes and even when you go out in hot sun protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Quit smoking


If you have a smoking habit then you better quit, because smoking is not only injurious to health but also for your eyes. Smoking will reduce your eye vision slowly day by day. Studies say that the people who smoke have less eye vision when compared to the people who don’t. So quit smoking for a good eye vision.

Food Habits:


It’s time for you to change your daily food habits to improve your eye vision. Add leafy vegetables in your daily meal, the leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins which improve your eye vision. Have a carrot on every day or on alternative days.

Computer savvy..???


If you are working on a system for a longer period then possibilities are that you will get headache or eye sight very soon. So you should take some proactive steps to avoid certain eye problems, steps like keeping the screen at distance and don’t stare on the monitor continuously. You can also wear anti-glare spectacles as a protection for eyes which helps in preventing headache and eye burn.

Change in daily habits:


Your daily habits will also influence your eye vision. Avoid watching television for longer period and even if you watch television more, then its better you watch from a distance. And in the current period the first thing in the early morning we do is check our mobiles, avoid this habit.

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