5 things to follow if you want to be a perfect man

how to become perfect man

Every man wants to be perfect and of course every woman wants a perfect man. Being perfect is simple and all you have to do is follow certain guidelines. The society respects a perfect man and loves a perfect man. To be perfect you need many things like good manners, great sense of humor, helping heart and a good attitude and much more. Here are few things you need to follow if you want to be a perfect man.

#1 Clean & descent

be perfect man

If you want to become perfect then the first thing you need to do is getting cleaned up. Yes, no one wants get near an untidy man, so be nice and shape yourself. A perfect man maintains everything perfect starting from hair to bottom nails. So brush your teeth properly, have a good shower and use a deodorant, comb your hair well and wear a good pair of dress.

#2 Be helpful

how to become perfect man

Every perfect man has a kind heart and always stands at front to help others. Never get jealous of someone, if they are in better position than you then keep a goal to overcome them in a positive way. Be kind hearted and love all. People who help others will have a good respect and reputation in the society. No one will respect or love if you harm someone and always try to do good for the society as much as possible.

#3 Always be Unique!

Perfect man means unique

Perfect means unique! Not all are perfect and not all are unique. If you want to be perfect then be unique, that’s what highlights you in a crowd. Maintain a unique personality (not physique) and a good style of yours. You should be like a trend setter not a follower. Perfect men are always unique and different from others. Nothing is special if you are just same as others.

#4 Build yourself

how to become perfect man

The society always respects a successful man and listens to a man who is in better position. Society won’t listen to failures and will not give respect. So build yourself, work hard and be successful. Then you will have a better place in the society. If don’t earn a good name then no one will care you, that is how the things go on in the society. Always be obedient, respect elders and be humble.

#5 Be strong

how tobecome perfect man

Never fear and always be strong. All the perfect men are brave and have plenty of courage. If you start fearing for everything then even your girl will not respect you. So be strong and it will never let you down and look up on your satisfaction, that’s wear your real happiness lies in. If you are strong enough then people will support you and will stand by you.

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