5 simple ways to boost your fitness levels

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Everyone wants to stay fit but unfortunately we don’t follow certain fitness rules and end up in a fatty and un healthy life. According to a survey only 5-8% of adults around the world are following fitness rules and maintaining fitness. If you want to enjoy a healthy life then you better start boosting your fitness. Set certain fitness goals every time and try to achieve them. Here are some of the simple fitness tips which will help you to boost your fitness levels in no time.

TIP #1

Try varieties

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If you are doing a routine workout you better stop it. Because if you do a routine workout your body will not improve and your muscles will remain constant and stops growing. So try different variety of workouts every day, that way your muscles will grow and there will be a change in your fitness. If you try variety of workouts then your interest in workouts will also increase eventually and you won’t get bored. Set a goal to start a new exercise every week and try to change the workout environments frequently.

For better results, increase number of reps with lighter weights (or) you can also reduce your number of reps by increasing weights. Never ever follow a same routine workout.

TIP #2

Turn on music

Fitness tips

In case if you are exercising in a silent environment and lacking interest for doing workouts then you better turn on some music. Hear to some of the rocking playlists while doing workouts. Hearing to songs will boost you to do more workouts enthusiastically. Listening to music will get you out of stress and makes you to concentrate on your workouts. Prefer to listen some of the rocking songs rather than devotional or some pleasant songs. Listen to songs which will motivate and boost you up.

TIP #3

Have Fun

Fitness tips

Having fun while staying fit is the best thing you might have heard. Because everyone likes to have fun and you can stay fit even while having fun. Try to do some of the easy exercise which makes you like having some fun. The more you love a exercise, chances are that you will do more of it. Be it sprinting, jumping, jogging or even dancing. You can also stay fit by doing these kind of exercises.

TIP #4

Monitor and control

fitness tips and tricks

If you are doing an intense workout then you better monitor yourself. After a heavy workout if you are out of breath and can’t talk properly then you better calm down and relax for a minute. Control your breath while exercising in gym. In case if you can still talk without losing your breath then you are in a great healthy condition. If your heart beat increases then relax for some time, don’t do continuous workouts even when your heart is beating too speed.

In case if you smoke then you better quit smoking because it will speed up your heart beat too early when you do workouts or when jog.

TIP #5 

Track your progress

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Always keep a track on your fitness and the kind of workouts you are doing. Measure your progress and make necessary changes in your workout schedule according to it. Track and analyze the changes and keep certain goals to reach. Make sure that there is a significant changes in your body. Keep a note of your fitness details in a book or in online. There are many apps in online to track and save the progress of your workouts and fitness levels.

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