4 Yoga exercises to stay ever young & look beautiful

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The only thing which the humans can’t control is aging and it is not in our hands. Getting older is quite common for every human being and as we grow old even our skin gets old too. As we age more our skin looks old, dry and it doesn’t look attractive. However you can’t stop aging but you can control on how you look and your skin appearance.

With some yoga tips you can fight aging and these yoga asanas are proved. Now forget about artificial creams and beauty parlors. Instead of spending hefty amount on cosmetic products try few yoga poses with which you can be eternal. These yoga asanas are ancient asanas and even in the modern world many celebrities follow these yoga tips to look beautiful and also for looking young.


4 Yoga exercises to stay ever young & look beautiful

This yoga pose will help you to stand straight and keeps you fit. As we age more, our backbone tends to bend but if you follow this Yoga asana then you can have good gesture. Spread your legs far away and balance your weight on just heels. Now place your hands on sideward and lift your hip slowly. You should not bend your knees and the entire body should be straight. After lifting your hip, hold on for 5 seconds and repeat the same for 4-5 times.

Maala Asana

Yoga exercises to stay ever young & look beautiful

Stand straight on a yoga mat and widen your legs and keep your hands closer like shown in the image. Now keep your back still and slowly bring down your hip until your core reaches almost surface. Do not bend forward while getting down. Stay for 4 seconds and then get back to normal position.  Follow the same for 6-7 times and in case if you are having back pain then you better avoid this asana for until you gets free from your back ache.   

Chaturanga Asana

Yoga exercises to stay ever young & look beautiful

This yoga exercise will bring back your lost strength and is almost similar to a plank. You also need to control your breathing while doing this yoga asana. Sleep on a yoga mat by facing downwards just like in the above image. Now keep your hands on sideward and lift your body slowly. Your entire body should be in air except hands and toes. Keep your body straight and do not bend anywhere. Make sure that your body weight falls on your stomach. After lifting the body, hold on your breath for 3-4 seconds.

Uthkata Asana

Yoga exercises to stay ever young & look beautiful

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This yoga asana will help you to get rid of skin stretches. This will tighten your muscles and keeps your skin good and healthy. Stand on a mat and raise your hands upwards but not completely. Keep your legs close and slowly bend your back. Keep your head straight and do not bend your neck. Hold on for 5 seconds and come back to normal position again.

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