30 million men in China may end up as singles by 2030

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By 2030, China may become the country with highest number of bachelors in the world. This is really terrible news for Chinese men and they might reach other countries looking for brides.  The unmarried men in China may reach to 16 million by the end of 2020 and 30 million by the end of 2030. This might frighten the Chinese government that the future of China may be in trouble. Earlier it was revealed that in future China would become the top country with highest number of old people.

The men with poor education qualifications and low income men have the high risk of not getting married. Due to some reasons the male gender birth rate is high and still increasing in China. According to the average sex ratio in China in 2004 were two males for every 100 females but due to certain reasons the number was decreasing constantly and now made females in China as low as ever.

This problem mainly occurred due to the family traditions in China wanting son’s instead of daughters. According to a survey in China, by the end of 2016 there were 708 million men in China while 675 million females were counted. The researcher Yuan said that “the number of educated Chinese women has been rapidly increased and their current mindset may disturb the men in China. These highly educated Chinese women are looking only for well educated men or high income men”.

This may affect the country a lot in the future and various social issues may arise. The sexual violence and women trafficking will increase in future which will create a massacre in the country. These men will increase the pain in governments for pensions at their old age; this will become a huge burden for the country economy. If this keeps on increasing then there may be an end for the Chinese population in future.

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In coming days, the Chinese men may search for brides crossing the nation boundaries as there were already few prompts that few Chinese rural men are to marry from neighboring countries in Asia. What is your opinion on this aspect and let us know your support in the comment section for the men who remained as singles in China!

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