2017 Ruf CTR ‘Yellow bird’ with 700hp, features and specifications

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Here is an amazing fourth generation super car from Ruf which is simply superb. The German car manufacturer has come with some tremendous super car as Ruf is well known for redesigning Porsche cars. The new CTR super car is developed exclusively in-house pfaffenhausen, Germany. The new Ruf CTR car will make its debut in the upcoming Geneva Motor show and the Ruf lovers are eagerly waiting for this new beauty.

This new supercar from Ruf is the fourth one in the CTR line. Earlier before 30 years, Ruf has built its first supercar with rear engine mounting and a carbon fiber tub which is the first ever in the world. The engine is powered by 3.6 liter which is twin-turbocharged. The Ruf engineers have developed this car to produce 700hp at 600nm torque. It comes with 6-speed manual gearbox.

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Ruf announced that it can hit 100kmph in less than 3.5 seconds and can hit 200kmph in just 9.0 seconds. This is really a supercar as it can reach a top speed of 362kmph. This new 2017 CTR is completely made of carbon fiber just like the 1987 CTR ‘yellowbird’. The main CTR was designed based on the design of Porsche911.This new model from Ruf is integrated with double-wishbone suspension arms for giving better experience to the driver.

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The new 2017 Ruf CTR has a massive 19-inch alloy wheels as the entire four wheels were given carbon-ceramic brakes. This new CTR car from Ruf weighs about 2,640 pounds which is a bit heavier of course but 700horsepower would push it easily without any problem. The interiors were given both royal and stylish look. The dashboard was designed in a stylish and modern look while seats appear in a royal way with carbon fiber seats and a leather trim.

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CTR fourth generation car comes with only two seating capacity. Ruf would start its official production of more units by 2018.  However the saddest part is Ruf will produce only limited editions of new CTR. Limited edition means I didn’t mean few hundred’s but just 30 units. Yes, Ruf will manufacture only 30 new CTR’s! So if you want one then you better hurry!

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