200 Indians arrested in London, Why and what happens to them?

200 Indians arrested in London

London officials have arrested almost 200 Indians who are living in London. These 200 people who are from India are still living in London even though their visa time limit has finished. So, 200 Indians arrested in London for staying in London illegally even after their visa got expired. A case was filed on Indians that they are still living in London irrespective of Visa expiry.

However, police filed case on them also stating that they are working as part-timers and not paying any taxes on their income to the British government. An Indian woman was also arrested in west London and all the passports of these 200 Indians arrested in London were retrieved by London police. Along with Indians, London officials even arrested people of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Albania. The officials have imposed fine on all the foreigners who were arrested for staying in London after Visa expiry.


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