2 Lakh IT jobs at risk but some luck for laid-off employees

Automation affects in future

There is good news and bad news as well! The bad news is, in the coming two years over 2 lakh IT employees will be sacked from their roles. The good news is almost 50% of laid-off employees will be either reskilled or transferred based on their skills and capacity. In a recent survey, it was found that 2 lakh employees will be relieved off from their roles.

Automation and Donald Trump’s new policies are playing key roles in firing of IT employees. IT employee’s jobs are at risk and almost 15-20% IT employees will not find any other jobs after getting fired. But IT employees should develop new skills to stay in safe position. CIEL HR solutions has done a survey on 50 top MNC companies in India and they have found some shocking results in their survey.

Automation process

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CIEL HR Services CEO Aditya Narayan Mishra said “This may sound depressing, but all is not lost. There are enough opportunities to be leveraged upon”. The main risk is for testing, IT infrastructure support and software development. Automation will replace these jobs.

What happens after automation? People should look up on alternatives as well to stay safe. Abundant opportunities will grow in areas like cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and few others.

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