10 rare photos which you might never imagined and had no idea that they existed

weird and crazy photos

The world is not a small street; it has got plenty of weird and crazy things. There are many images and things which you never imagined that it can be possible. For these great inventions, we need a great innovative mind. Here are few images which will blow your mind after seeing the images.

  1. Tic-Tic Tic-Tic

weird and crazy things

This is the internal machinery for watches designed by Patek Phillipe. Patek Phillipe is the best watchmaker in the world. All the watches designed by him were very expensive and has an extraordinary look. If the internal machinery is designed with such a great look then imagine how would be the watch design. Many people who has a love for watches will specially get their watches designed by Patek Phillipe. At first he just developed amazing watches as an passion but then he moved on to business by selling the watches designed by him.

  1. Want to dive-in?

weird and crazy things

You are seeing the deepest swimming pool in the world. The size f this swimming pool is around 113 feet, only the professional swimmers who can swim well are allowed in this deepest swimming pool. This swimming pool has 600,000 gallons of water inside. You can also sit inside the swimming pool but you have to wear an oxygen mask as you can just lift your head for a breath like the normal swimming pool. So do you have guts to dive in this deepest swimming pool?

  1. Coins stacks

weird and crazy things

This is really amazing! Isn’t it? Coins stacks on the edge of the table. This was made without any glue or any other support. This stack was made just by placing the coins in a good position by preventing the collapse. Every coin is placed by supporting the next coin, so each coin is very important for this bridge. For this you require many coins with same size and weight. You can even place your hand on the outer layer of the bridge.

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  1. Bridge train

weird and crazy things

Usually trains go on bridges but have you seen a train car used as a bridge? An old train car was used as a bridge on a river which helps people to cross the river from both sides. This is old train car which was placed with the help of a huge Crain. This train car was useless before but now it is very useful for people. Tourists are finding this very interestingly and the place got a good name in the surroundings.

  1. Dubai evolution

weird and crazy things

Before 1990 Dubai was an empty country with no development. But in the past years Dubai has witnessed a tremendous change in its infrastructure. The entire face of Dubai has been changed and probably the best country which has changed tremendously in a short while. Before 1990 no one cared about Dubai as it was not a developed country. But later after the petroleum extractions, the entire world is now looking up on Dubai.

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  1. Vision difference (Human Vs Cat)

weird and crazy photos

In the above picture, the top one is the vision of a human at night time while the below one is the vision cat. We know that cat can see better than us at night times but you might probably never imagined that the vision difference is this much.

  1. Brick laying machine

weird and crazy things

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It takes a while to lay a path with bricks but with this smart machine you can lay path of bricks in just minutes. This will save your time and also the work force. Using this machine is very simple, you have to place a large number of bricks on the top side of the machine and it will automatically arrange the bricks. But to use this machine, you must place a good quality bricks.


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