10 dangerous facts about colas which you might don’t know

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“Drinking cola is injurious to health”!! You might probably hear this advice many times from doctors and health experts. And they are right all the time because drinking cola/soda results in many health problems. Now let us see some of the dangerous facts about colas and the cola companies will never reveal these hidden facts.

Risk of getting obesity:

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Consuming cola will increase your weight and also causes many health problems. Every time you drink a cola, there are chances of increase in your weight of 1.8 times. The cola contains added sugars which are unhealthy for you. According to a survey, 64% of people who are overweight consume cola more often.

Will reduce calcium levels:

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The colas which you drink contain phosphorous which is really harmful for health. This phosphorous will reduce the calcium levels in your body and leads to several health problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis etc.,

Causes bone fractures easily:

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The chances of getting bone fractures will increase if you drink cola. According to Doctor Philips, the patients who drink cola more often approach him for bone fracture treatment more than 4-5 times that of the people who don’t drink cola.

Cola = Chemical

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If you think that you are drinking cola then you are totally wrong!! What you are actually drinking is a chemical with some added sugars to taste good. In manufacturing and preserving process of colas, many chemicals are used. This is the reason why doctors always advice not to drink cola/soda. The harmful chemicals and the high sodium in the colas will affect your body parts slowly.

Increased Acidity:

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The acidotic levels in the colas are similar as vinegar which has a pH value of 2.5. This will affect your digest system and causes acidity. Drinking cola will affect your tooth and causes tooth decay.

Causes diabetes:

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By drinking cola you will gain too much wait and with increased sugar levels there are high chances of getting diabetes. The sugars which are used in cola will increase the sugar levels in blood.


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Convinced now??? If you still drink cola then you can see the above image. Yes, the cola is used to wash the toilets as a toilet cleanser. The coca cola is banned in parliament’s canteen and it is also used in parliament to clean the toilets.

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